Mission of André Nijsen, director GEEAT


In my working life, I get the most inspiration and satisfaction when I meet passionate visionary school leaders and top teachers at their schools who form strong learning communities. These schools breathe the well-being of their students and aim to develop their students into responsible citizens who are capable of taking care of themselves, of providing for their loved ones and for the communities they are belonging to as well as looking after the future of our vulnerable planet.


All over the world I have met enthusiastic great teachers and visited schools who, under completely different situations, are succeeding in making students competent to successfully shape their next phase of life. How these schools – under completely different circumstances such as education system, culture, education policy, geographical location and living conditions –offer a such amazing learning environment never ceases to impress me, which can also be said about the educational level of the teachers themselves who make their schools contribute to the development of worldwide different generations. There is so much we can learn from each other's teaching!


Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

With my organisation GEEAT I try to contribute to education development by means of :


-   organizing worldwide study trips where teachers, school leaders, administrators and policymakers can learn from each other through interactive visits to the world's best and innovative schools


-   determining the quality and developments of education in schools and advising schools on how they can develop even better in order to be able to do more for their students and teachers


-   professionalizing prospective, novice and experienced teachers in their teacher competences and professional well-being


-   making as many people as possible aware of and enthusiastic about the importance of having good schools with professional teachers worldwide by introducing them to “Amazing Schools”


-   inspiring people for a fantastic job in education and to contribute to future generations and a sustainable world.


For more information you can contact André Nijsen from GEEAT:

Email:                   a.nijsen@geeat.nl

Phone:                 +31650242111